Silly Squirrel!

Remember that rabbit with the cereal? “Silly rabbit! Trix are for kids!” Well, I’ve got a squirrel in my backyard that needs to learn a thing or two. First, I noticed this mat under our grill was looking unusually worn around the edge.

Grill Mat

I don’t really even know why we have this mat under our grill except that the grill came with it and we didn’t know what else to do with it.

Anyway . . .

Then one day I noticed a squirrel was really interested in our patio furniture. He was inspecting the table and chair, which had our patio umbrella resting on it. A day or two later, my dear boy put the umbrella on the ground because he needed the chair to climb up on to talk to the neighbor girls over our fence.

The following morning I found this scene laid out before me on our patio. It was horrific.

crime scene photo

It’s like that squirrel had hours to himself to tear apart that umbrella, piece by piece! I think I know where he lives. I wonder how much of this fabric he hauled back to his nest. Stupid squirrel! Fabric is for people!

The umbrella is hiding out in our garage right now, in a catatonic state. The thought briefly crossed my mind that I could revive it by sewing a new fabric part for it with some bright and colorful Sunbrella fabric. Or maybe I’ll leave it bare and string it with lights to decorate for evening parties. Hmmm.

Has anyone else had wild life (and I don’t mean pets) ruin furniture or decorative items?

2 thoughts on “Silly Squirrel!

  1. Ha! That’s funny. A squirrel ate our last outdoor dining set – chairs, table and all! Ironically we have very few squirrels here so our stuff would be fine now. Here’s hoping you find some indestructible outdoor furniture!!

    • This all happened before we got Buster, so hopefully that squirrel is chicken now. My parents always had squirrels in the backyard of our home, but I don’t remember them every eating anything. But then, Mom’s outdoor furniture is metal. Something to consider before my next outdoor furniture purchase!

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