Be My Guest, Part 2

A few weeks ago I invited y’all to be my guest in our almost done guest bathroom. We stopped working in the bathroom for a bit while we waited for the new light fixture to show up and Jeromy was busy with work. We left the room looking like this for a couple of weeks.

Vanity in Progress

Now it looks like this.

Vanity After

Jeromy put in the new light fixture for me and I finally framed up the mirror using the same trim and oil rubbed bronze finish I used in our master bathroom. We knew we wanted to lower the light fixture because the old one was practically touching the ceiling. When Jeromy removed the old one, it took us a few minutes to figure out where we would position the new light. We discovered where the original box was because it was still in the wall under a drywall patch. In the picture below, the rectangular hole on top is from the light fixture we took down. The round blue hole is the original box from when the house was built and what we would use to install our new light.

Drywall Patch

So, we obviously had some patching to do. Before we started this part of the project, I picked up a small 2 foot square piece of drywall at Lowes for about $5. I imagined just cutting the old drywall out from stud to stud. Jeromy wasn’t interested in screwing and taping seems, so I did a little research on my go to DIY blog, Young House Love, where I found how they patched drywall using wire mesh like what I found at my local Ace Hardware. You can see in the picture above where we had already applied the mesh to one of the holes. It really did the trick. You just spackle over the mesh and do a couple of passes with sandpaper. I think the previous owners of our house moved the light fixture to accommodate a giant mirror they hung in this bathroom. Here is what the bathroom looked like when they put the house up for sale.

Previous Owners Bathroom

It is nice, but very different from my style. Maybe one of the reasons this house felt like home to me when I first saw it is because the previous owner decorated a lot like my mom and some other people in my family. Guess it made me nostalgic. Anyway, here is what the bathroom looks like now from a similar angle.

Our Bathroom Now

In the mirror you can see the reflection of the artwork I hung on the wall across from the toilet.

Artwork from TJMaxx

I found the two canvases at TJ Maxx for $16 each. I like birds and these pieces are colorful and whimsical, so they seemed like a good fit. I was originally going to hang my art project fail in this spot. The frame was painted with the same oil rubbed bronze finish as the mirror so everything would tie together nicely. That didn’t really pan out.

Art Project Fail

So, the major work in this bathroom is DONE! But I really don’t feel like the room is done. Since my artwork isn’t what I had planned and doesn’t coordinate with the mirror like I hoped, the room still needs to evolve a bit. I might try to put something different in the triple matted ORB frame, or I might paint the mirror frame a different color or finish. I’m also still on the lookout for a new “trash” can and rug, maybe some different towels too. But at least the room is more to my taste and neat and clean once again.

Our Bathroom Now

Oh, look at that toilet! I just noticed Jeromy needs to cut that screw down that bolts the toilet to the floor. I think the cap to cover it is stored in the cabinet under the sink. Honey, get on that already!

One thought on “Be My Guest, Part 2

  1. I’m so impressed with your lighting change! Love the mirror all framed out. The whole room looks very fresh and new! Great work. I’m enjoying following your progress!!

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