Happy Heart Day

We’ve been having lots of parties around here lately.  First, we had a super bowl party that was lots of fun with all the usual wings, nachos and of course the game.  It was fun adding a few fun decorating touches with a nod to the super bowl without going over board.  Here, I found a dollar store table-cloth and added wide masking tape to look like a football field.  I didn’t paint the numbers on the yard lines as like I said I just wanted it to have a football feel without being to cutesy.  Plus, if you get cheap masking tape like mine it peels away very easily and you can use this table-cloth all year-long. I’m trying to think of something similarly fun for Easter with this table-cloth.  We’ll see…

football table cover

I also thought it would be fun to have a “Photo Booth” so I downloaded these printables as some of the props.  We also added some mega phones and pom-poms.  While this seemed like a fun idea next time I need to make the backdrop bigger as this one only fit two people – and two little people at that!  Also I really should have been more enthusiastic and gotten them to ham it up a bit more.  As it was I just got a few fun photos.  Long story short.  I think you really have to “sell” this as a party activity and I didn’t do my part.

superbowl photobooth

I also made these.  I happened to find small football shaped napkins that worked perfect.  I just sewed around the edges and poured m&ms inside and then sewed up the remaining opening.  All in all it was fun, but I don’t think much time was spent watching the game!

val collage

A few days later I had a small Valentine’s Party for my daughter and a few friends.  This party was really fun to pull together as I had lots of pink and red decor left over from other parties.

valentines phocollage

We again used the photo booth wall and it still was just so-so and I only got a couple of photos.  I chalked it up to the same problems as before.  You really have to work the photo booth!  Still it made for a cute decoration.

I didn’t mention before the back drop for my photo booth was made using four sheets of black poster board.  The black poster board then became like a chalk board as you could write on it with chalk and then erase.  This makes for a versatile party decoration as you can use it at any party and just change the message.

photo background

This is a nice low commitment chalk board option for those that might be on the fence about chalk board paint crafts (that means you, Jennifer).  I could see many uses for this.  You could make giant chalkboard greeting cards to display for any holiday or at a birthday party or to give to a friend – carefully so as not to erase – ha!  Or frame one piece with some small wood trim from the hardware store (just adhere with hot glue) for a more semi-permanent chalk board.  You could easily make small place cards and write the names in chalk.  I could think of a million uses for this stuff.  I think you’ll see it here again in some future projects!  Black poster board – a secret crafty weapon!!!

valentine cards

We’ve also been making lots of Valentines around here.  We made them at the party and we’ve been making them for family and school.  But that could be a whole separate post!

So, we began our week with a super bowl party and ended with a Valentine’s one.  I think I am partied out for now!  So how about you?  Are you gearing up for any fun celebrations?

4 thoughts on “Happy Heart Day

  1. Mary Claire, those printables are a cool discovery. Thanks for sharing! Your craftiness is making me feel like a slacker. Hey, at least you didn’t paint a drum light shade with chalk board paint. That would have set me over the edge. Really. Wish I could come to one of your parties. : )

    • Ha! Yes, I wish you could come over too:(. Well at least you’re virtually there through our blog!! But this way I spared you from the chalk board craft exposure:)

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