Table for Six

Guess what! My new dining table and chairs were finally delivered to my house on Tuesday! I’m so excited to have my dining room a step closer to “finished”. I suppose you don’t want to wait for the picture as long as the eleven weeks I had to wait for the table. So, here it is.

New Dining Table

I think the table fits the room well and is just the style I wanted. If you are really interested, the table was made by Legacy Classic and the style is Barrington. I purchased the set at a local furniture store in the Charleston area, Stuckey Brothers Furniture. I think it’s nice to support local businesses. The table came with a 20 inch leaf, but I’ll keep that in the closet until I need it. I only purchased four side chairs because I plan on getting two upholstered arm chairs for the ends of the table. I’ll get around to that some day, but I wanted to get the table in the space first to get a feel for it. I’m not particularly crazy about the seat upholstery. I may decide to redo it when I get braver. The only thing that gives me pause is the piping that surrounds the base of the seat. However, I do love having a cushioned seat. I use the space as my “office” and my big hiney previously had to sit on a hard chair, so my tush appreciates the new padding.

The space has come a long way since I last give you a reveal in September. Shortly after Christmas my husband, Jeromy, did this to the room.

Dining Room Popcorn

Yup, there goes the popcorn. Ugh, what a mess. I don’t want to go into popcorn removal too much in this post. That is another can of really dirty worms. After several steps of patching and sanding, here I am painting the ceiling with Moderne White by Sherwin Williams.

Painting Ceiling

In the picture below you can see the transition where we stopped working on the ceiling. The space is open to the rest of the house and this was a logical stopping point until we’re ready to get dirty again. I still have to paint the creamy yellow walls to the left and right. Full disclosure: I’ll have to give the dining room ceiling another pass with sand paper and paint roller. We’re not totally happy with how it turned out. More on that in another post.

Finished and Unfinished

So, now that I finally have the new table I’m obsessed with centerpieces and table linens. I have this as a place holder right now.


It’s basically potpourri and pine cones on a platter. I’m on the hunt for something different. I don’t care for really smelly things on the dining table. I also tried my placemats on the table and was too embarrassed to keep them there. Mama needs some new linens! It has been years since I’ve had anything new. I’m thinking of using my old aqua colored curtain panels to make a table runner.

You probably don’t remember, but this is what my dining room looked like in November.

November Dining Room

And here is what it looked like yesterday.

January Dining Room

Hooray! I wish y’all could come over for dinner now that I have a proper table. While dinner is cooking, I’ll be playing with table arrangements!

6 thoughts on “Table for Six

    • Right, I should stop by SG but Trudy intimidates me. I’m sure she’d smell the “broke” on me! Maybe I’ll stop by so we can go to lunch and casually browse for a while.

  1. I love your beautiful new table. But I’m not happy that you are not completely satisfied with your chairs. We will have to remedy that and I think you inspired a new post coming up!!

    • Thanks MC. I’m really happy with how it looks and fits the room. My rear end really likes the cushioned seat. My mom reminded me that leather is easy to clean up, so maybe I’ll keep it around a while and it will grow on me. Can’t honestly say what I would have used to cover the chairs instead of the leather. Before I bought the table I originally thought of using modern or industrial looking chairs with upholstered arm chairs. Still holding out for upholstered arm chairs. We’ll see how the room evolves.

  2. I came across your blog entry as I am considering purchasing this table sight unseen. We plan to use it in our kitchen and I am wondering about the finish and how well it wears with children. How has the table held up for you? I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

    • The table top is laminate, which I didn’t realize when I purchased sight unseen. Had I known I would have picked something different. Also, the straight lines on the table top are routed out, so they collect crumbs. I have to clean them with a tooth brush. I have a 10 year old and a beagle mix dog that jumps on the top and after a year and a half it still looks good. I’d say this table is fine for a kitchen, but probably not dining room quality. The chairs are comfortable, but there isn’t any wood under the seat, so you can’t stand on them.
      I bought this table and chairs for the style and the price. I do wish the quality was better since it’s in our dining room, but I think it’s okay for a kitchen.
      I hope that helps.

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