Put a Flower on It

sock 2

Nothing feels better than finishing a project from start to finish in a matter of a few days.  I’d like to think that I am usually fairly good at completing most of the projects that I start but not always.  I almost didn’t add the flower thinking that it would be a pain to knit, but after I finished the first one I was surprised to find that it was fairly easy.

I ran out of the light pink after completing the second sock. I knew I was going to be close!  I had to use another pink that was a similiar color that I already had on hand.  I don’t usually match my colors so closely with the original pattern but it just happened that those were the colors that I had in my stash that would work with this pattern.

I think these flowers could make for some cute hair bows if you add a clip to the back.  I may have to do that.  We are always in need of more hair bows around here.

After mentioning my list of to-dos for the year in my last post I already feel the need to edit it!  I found this cute rabbit that I would love to make. It combines both sewing and knitting.  Plus, I have a thing for rabbits.  It actually looks like the characters in one of my favorite children’s books.  So this might have to get moved to the top of the list once the pattern becomes available.

So any one else happy to complete a project this week?

2 thoughts on “Put a Flower on It

  1. Very cute! Your knitting skills put mine to shame. It is great to finish a project. I don’t seem to be doing much of that these days. Or, I scratch one thing off my list and add five. I feel like you are teasing me with the beadboard background. Did you put that up somewhere in your house? A while back you were talking about a “mudroom”.

  2. Ha! Ha! No that’s a cabinet that we have! I wish I had done it! That’s gotten moved to the back burner for now but we’ll see.

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