Be My Guest . . .

I’m inviting you into the one of the more embarrassing rooms in our house, the guest bathroom. After we finished our master bathroom, the guest bathroom just looked nasty, so the day after Christmas Jeromy started on the popcorn ceiling. Here is Jeromy cleaning up the ceiling after scraping the popcorn.

Cleaning the Ceiling

I apologize for not having a proper “before” picture. Hubby has a habit of starting projects before I have a chance to get the camera out. You can see our walls were previously painted in Sherwin Williams’ Springtime. I’m still a fan of that fun spring green, but I’m going for a more neutral look on the walls this time around so I can really go nuts with patterns and colors on accessories.

You might be wondering what was so embarrassing about this bathroom and all I can say is that for two and a half years two little kids splashed around in the tub and it looks like a lot of the water didn’t stay in the tub. Here is what the baseboards right next to the tub looked like before I started repairing the wall.

baseboard before collage

Eeek! Right? I had already started scraping in the picture on the left before I remembered to snap a picture. Here are the baseboards after I cleaned them up a bit and painted.

baseboard after collage

The new color is Natural Choice by Sherwin Williams. I think it’s an off white with a touch of gray. Much better now, but after looking at the pictures I see I could have done a better job. I should have done a couple more passes over the baseboards with sandpaper. I also should have filled in the flaw in the wall a bit more. Ho hum. Ugh. As hard as a try, I don’t get any project to be perfect.

So after scraping the ceiling, doing some repair work, painting and adding a light over the tub, here is what the bathroom looks like today.


I used the same paint on the ceiling and the walls. I really like how it turned out and it’s much easier to paint the same color all over. I haven’t added much pizzazz yet, but we’ll get there.

bathroom vanity

The area above the vanity still needs a lot of work. I’ll finish painting after the new light fixture is installed. We’ll move the light fixture lower on the wall, closer to the mirror where it should be. This could turn into an interesting little project because when the previous owners moved the light fixture higher on the wall to accommodate a giant mirror, they didn’t do a very good job of patching the old spot. Who knows that is behind the drywall! I’ll keep you posted on that. I’ll also frame up the mirror like I did in the master bathroom and we’ll put in a new toilet.

So, that is the progress we’ve made. I’m glad our bathroom isn’t embarrassing anymore. Thanks for being a guest in my bathroom!

2 thoughts on “Be My Guest . . .

  1. Making progress!! The bathroom looks great!! You guys are hard workers! I’m totally impressed with your plans to move a light fixture! I’m scared of electrical work! Can’t wait to see it all finished!

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