Remember Wren Field Trip: New Year’s in Natchez


Happy 2013 and welcome to Natchez, Mississippi.  Over New Year’s my family got out of town for a few days and traveled to Mississppi.  I had read an article comparing this town to Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA and so as a former resident of both of those towns I had to go and check it out.  If you have ever wondered what lies between Dallas, TX and the Mississippi I discovered the answer- not much!

                         If you are in the market this one is even for sale!

If you are in the market this one is even for sale!

Natchez, however is a lovely town with many beautiful old homes and building facades.  It’s on a smaller scale though than Charleston or Savannah.


While I didn’t find as many similarities between Natchez and Charleston or Savannah as I expected it is still a special place to visit.


While in Natchez we explored the downtown by following one of several marked “trails”. There are markers in the sidewalk that guide you where to go and there are informational signs along the way.


Did you know that you can take a cruise from Memphis and end up here in Natchez?  I didn’t.  You can ride on a boat like one of these, the American Queen.



So if you are ever in the neighborhood come and check out Natchez!  It has lots of history and character.  I’d recommend going by boat.  I’m sure it’s more scenic than the trip I took!

One thought on “Remember Wren Field Trip: New Year’s in Natchez

  1. One of my favorite things to do is explore old neighborhoods. The architecture and well established landscaping always give so much character to these areas. I think it is especially fun to do in a town you aren’t familiar with. When you come to visit in South Carolina, we’ll have to do a special Remember Wren Field Trip to Rainbow Row!

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