2013: The Year of Getting Dirty

Happy New Year from Remember Wren! Our little blog is chugging along and we’re very proud we’ve lasted this long. When we started posting in March, I still lived in Germany and had no idea I’d soon be moving back to the USA. In the past year I learned how to sew thanks to advice from friends and videos on YouTube. I found out what happens when you rent your house out to a family with young kids and a dog (I’m still cleaning up after them). My husband and I learned ridding our house of it’s popcorn ceilings is very, very messy.

My New Look for 2013

My New Look for 2013

I’m not sure if my blog partner, Mary Claire, has any resolutions. My resolution for 2013 is to get dirty, really dirty fixing up my house. I declared to my husband that all of the popcorn ceilings will be gone by the end of the year. This means I have to come to terms with my chaos phobia. Right now we have two rooms in our house that are torn up, the guest bathroom and dining room. There are tools and dust everywhere and it’s driving me crazy! So, I resolve to power through, tear the Bandaid off fast, I say! Hopefully I’ll be sharing lots of Befores & After’s with you this year. I should have dining room progress and guest bathroom pictures to share with you soon!

What are your crafting or decorating/diy resolutions for 2013?

One thought on “2013: The Year of Getting Dirty

  1. Love the new look! Ha! I’m glad you have some goals for the new year! I look forward to seeing what all you accomplish this year! (And living vicariously through you as I don’t think I’ll be as productive as you around the house this year!)

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