What’s Your Sign?

Note:  It’s hard to get back into blogging given the events that occurred this past week.  On Friday morning as the tragedy occured I was working on this project.  It was complete before I had even heard of the tragic events.  The words on this sign speak to feelings at the opposite end of the spectrum from what we all were having that morning and in the days that followed. But somehow I think these words speak to the ways in which we should urge ourselves on as we attempt to heal from this tragedy.  It is easy to remain worried, sad and fearful.  But as we have learned from other such events we must choose to embrace life fully despite what our mind tells us about the world around us.  It is in keeping with those thoughts that I share this post although I’m fully aware that this may not be where you are in this moment.

So I actually checked this one off the to do list.  I didn’t think that was going to happen given this busy time of year, but this one was actually quick to complete.  I chose my own words from a favorite Christmas song rather than use the ones from my inspiration sign.  I also chose a monochromatic color scheme rather than the more Christmas colored sign of the original.

I chose to use two different fonts.  First I printed my words on to copy paper and used them as a template.  I used the template under Freezer paper and cut the letters out with an exacto knife.


Then I used a glue stick to adhere the Freezer paper stencils to the sign.  Due to the style of font I used for the letters in white I actually had to use a hold puncher to punch out the dots in the letters and that worked out great.

hole punch

For the “Let Your Heart” letters I pasted the individual letters in Freezer paper down and then painted the entire surface of the canvas in this blue glitter paint from Martha Stewart that I already had on hand.


I let that set just a minute before peeling away the stencil.  Due to the hole-y nature of the letters they had some bleed through from the paint so I did have to go in and clean up some of the white letters with a q-tip soaked in fingernail polish remover. That seemed to make the letters appear more clearly.


Next I applied glue stick in a thin even coat on the back of the ” be” and then the “light” stencils and applied a teal colored spray paint over those words individually.047

I like the way it turned out.  I could have added a small image such as a heart or a snowflake but once I was done with the letters I decided to leave well enough alone.

It is not perfect but I think that the way the colors were applied it gives it a kind of vintage look.  If I were to do it again I would choose to paint the entire canvas a darker color when applying the “Let Your Heart” part of the stencil and then paint the glitter paint on top before peeling away the letters so that the letters have more of a contrast against the blue.  As it is now if I am far away from the sign I can only really see the ” Be Light” portion of the sign.

Overall I think this made for a quick easy DIY Christmas decor item that could be customized to any color scheme.  Also this was a very inexpensive project as I already  had all the items on hand.  The only thing that I had to buy for this project was the spray paint which I think was around 7 dollars.  I’m happy with this sign and I think it could even hang around after the holidays if I wanted.

So, what holiday items have you been making lately?

One thought on “What’s Your Sign?

  1. Nice post, Mary Claire! I like the step by step instructions. You must be really patient to do all the letter projects. I’m looking forward to getting my camera back so I can take pictures for the blog.

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