We Mastered The Master Bathroom!

Here is the big reveal of the master bathroom we’ve been slowly and diligently working on for the last month or so. To sum up, we scraped the popcorn ceiling and patched up the drywall, painted the walls, ceiling, trim, caulked the gaps, replaced the exhaust fan, added two lights above the tub, replaced the vanity light, replaced the toilet and toilet paper holder, replaced the cabinet hardware and framed up the mirror. We finally got it wrapped up last week before Thanksgiving when Jeromy installed our new toilet. So, without further ado, here is what our old vanity area looked like:

The beige walls are courtesy of the previous owners. They did a hurry up paint job when they put the house up for sale. The paint dried with strands of hair in it. Can you believe that?

And here it is now:

Boooyaaa, isn’t it awesome! That isn’t a question because I know it looks much better. Yahoo! The ceramic/antique brass hardware has been changed out for oil rubbed bronze and I finally framed up the mirror with basket weave patterned trim purchased at Lowes. I spray painted the trim with oil rubbed bronze before I glued it up. I purchased coordinating baskets at Target for the shelves on the right. Love it! We also replaced the vanity light. There is a picture of the light later in the post. I painted the walls and ceiling with Sherwin Williams “Creamy,” which was a great idea. A ceiling with the same color as the walls really works to expand the feel of a small space.

Here is a picture of our old toilet, a small and short round bowl that just didn’t fit my tall hubby:

Here is our new Kohler toilet with an elongated bowl that sits up a few inches higher.

I like to use a basket for a trash can. I don’t see much point in using the cheep plastic cans when you can use a pretty basket or ceramic planter for trash. I like how it works in a rustic element and coordinates with the other baskets and the brown of the new oil rubbed bronze finishes we added.

Here is what our shower/tub combo looked like before:

Drum roll please . . .

Ta Da! Look at those new lights! What a difference! I can’t believe we showered in the dark for a couple of years. It is just amazing we didn’t make this improvement sooner. The lights all together only cost about $60 including light bulbs. I’m so glad Jeromy is handy with electrical projects! We had already changed out the shower head and faucet a couple of years ago when we lived in the house the first time. I like how the shower area blends in with the walls now. I think it helps make the room look bigger.

Some of the other details:

The new light is polished chrome to coordinate with the faucet, shower head and toilet paper holder. Our towel bars are polished nickel. I think the chrome and polished nickel work well together. It was really hard to find coordinating pieces in the same finish when purchasing some of the items a couple of years apart, but it worked out okay. Thank goodness I don’t like the matchy matchy look anyway. I worked in the oil rubbed bronze just because I wanted a more rustic finish to add some contrast and warm the room up a bit. I also like how the brown in the ORB relates to the brown detail in our shower curtain.

Overall, I’m calling this room officially done. The major work is over and I’m really pleased with the look. It really turned out just how I thought it would. As I’m out and about shopping or browsing through Etsy, I’ll keep an eye out for some artwork for the walls and maybe better decorative containers and dispensers for the vanity. But, I’m not sweating the small stuff. Something will pop up that belongs in my new bathroom.

Has anyone else refreshed their bathroom without tearing out the vanity and shower/bathtub? How did it work out for you?

4 thoughts on “We Mastered The Master Bathroom!

  1. Awesome job!!! Are you guys available for rent? I’ve got some bead board calling your name! Wow! You guys did a lot of work in a short time. I think it looks great! I love all the different finishes and we’ e had the same issue with buying things later and having to make the different finishes work together. Beautiful! So excited for you!

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