Have Yourself a Merry BIG Christmas

Well it looks like the holidays are in full swing, at least here where I live.  I think they must stuff the turkey with Christmas lights in Texas.  As I was contemplating the Thanksgiving leftovers Thursday evening down the block “Santa’s Outhouse” was already on his way to being fully inflated and the surrounding yard encased in lights.  Then last night it was truly official as a walk through our neighborhood made us come to the realization that it was no longer our normal quiet neighborhood – it was a Vegas landing strip.  Sometimes the frenzy and excess that Christmas brings just makes me have to stop and scratch my head.  What is the rush?  I. just. don’t. get. it.

Any hoo, I am thinking about Christmas…thinking…  It is a truly special time of year.  I saw this holiday home tour shared on another blog and I thought I would share it too.  There are some interesting ideas here.  Even the non-holiday decor is interesting.  But most of all these photos were a nice alternative to the over the top, shove Christmas in your face, kind of decorating that seems to be all around me.

My favorite item in the photos is the “Oh what fun” sign.  I love new and different decorations like this.  The cool thing about this is that you could easily DIY this yourself and freshen up your normal holiday decor.  I love decorating for the holidays but I dislike how much space my Christmas decorations take up when I only enjoy them one month or really since I’m the “no rush” type only few weeks out of the year.  So what I like about making a sign like this is that you could make it, display it and then totally paint over it or cover it in fabric and use it the rest of the year somewhere else.  I think I mentioned before that I like for items around my home to be dual purpose so I can justify their hanging around.

I have several of these canvases hiding out right now that previously had fabric on them.  So I may just have to give this a try.  I love this idea.  Ok.  I’ll keep you posted.  Hope you enjoy the rest of the tour!

So, I gotta know…are you sitting in your full decked out for the holidays living room or do you like to ease into Christmas like me?

P. S. Ha, ha…. I just realized…look what else is in the photo? A bead board entry way…. I guess it really got stuck in my brain!!  My to do list just keeps getting longer!

One thought on “Have Yourself a Merry BIG Christmas

  1. It is so funny you mentioned over the top Christmas decorations. I was just walking around our neighborhood yesterday and I thought that Christmas should not be an excuse for people to display their bad taste on their front lawns! Ouch! Kinda snarky, I know, but I couldn’t help think that. I would definitly call our Christmas decorations understated. We sold all of our outdoor lights before we moved to Germany and we’re not in the mood to spend money and time acquiring more outdoor lights right now. So, I made my version of a wreath for the front door (maybe I’ll write about it next week), I put together an easy arrangement for our dining table, we put up our Christmas tree and hung our stockings on the decorated mantle. That is it and it’s good enough for me. Really, Mary Claire, get on that bead board already!

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