It’s Complicated…

This area of my home is calling for help and in my mind I know just what I want to do -bead board or wainscoating.  I would also love to do a board and batten treatment but since I have textured walls that kind of throws a wrench in those plans.

Although this is a popular trend right now (I’m suprised this wasn’t on Jennifer’s list) I think that in this high traffic area this would be the perfect solution to allow me to turn this into a mudroom of sorts.  I have wanted to put hooks up for a while for hanging jackets and things but I keep stopping myself as I keep feeling as though hanging back packs and jackets here will mark up the wall.  That is why I think beadboard would be the perfect solution.  It could definitely hold up to a little more abuse.

I have thought of doing a quick and dirty DIY solution.  They sell bead board in sheets that you could just apply directly to the wall but technically the baseboard is suppose to fit over the bead board and so that makes this DIY a little more complicated.  I even thought of using that wall paper that is made to look like bead board but again textured walls =s complicated.

So mean while I am left to imagine what the wall could look like if only I  had a few more tools at my disposal.

photo via Houzz

3 thoughts on “It’s Complicated…

  1. I think you can do it! I believe in you. Is the baseboard one piece or two? Maybe you don’t have to take all of it off to apply correctly? Get yourself a cute little crowbar, some finish nails and wood putty. Don’t forget caulk. Caulk solves every trim problem, I swear. I bet if you ask someone at Lowes or Home Depot, they’ll send you home with everything you need to complete the project. I recently puchased a mitre box at Lowes so I could make a proper 45 degree cut for a framing project I’m doing. That was a little off topic . . . anyway I don’t really know what I’m doing with that project, but I’m diving in otherwise it will never happen. Just take the plunge! Do it!

    • My parents are coming to visit. My Dad has lots of tools so I asked if he had an extra crow bar, miter box, and jig saw and he said yes. So maybe I will get this done after all! But maybe I should run this by Shaun, first?

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