Come On Down

Jeromy got a wild hair to finally remove some of the popcorn ceiling he’s been hating on. I don’t like the popcorn ceiling either, but I’ll admit I’m not excited about Jeromy’s “Bringin’ Down The Ceiling” initiative. It all started way back in 2008 when the hubby put surround sound speakers in our living room walls and ceiling. He made an extra hole in the ceiling and the repair job was less than stellar (it is really hard to match the popcorn texture).

He’s wanted to bring down the popcorn ever since. This project is daunting, especially in our living room and master bedroom, where the ceilings vault up to twelve feet. Rather than do our first popcorn removal on an angled ceiling in a large room, we thought it prudent to try it out in a small room first. Namely, our master bathroom where, if it turned out badly, no one would every have to see it except us. So, Jeromy got started on Monday. He used a garden sprayer to apply water to the ceiling, then waited a few minutes before scraping. The scraping part wasn’t too difficult. Our house was built in 2002, so we didn’t have to worry about asbestos.

Our first mistake was thinking that since there isn’t anything that could be damaged by water in the bathroom, we didn’t need to bother with covering everything in plastic (we did cover the light fixture). This was plain stupid. The plastic not only protects your room, it makes cleaning up so much easier. When the popcorn comes down, it is wet and sticky and sticks to everything. When it dries it is very dusty. It would have been very helpful to have the room sealed off with plastic when we started sanding the ceiling. Ugh. Live and learn.

Since we were beating up the bathroom ceiling it seemed like the natural time to make some upgrades to the lighting and the exhaust fan. Our bathroom had no lights above the shower/tub! It would be so dark in there behind the shower curtain. Our exaust fan didn’t work too well. The room took forever to defog and our brand new shower curtain rod was already getting rusty after just a couple of months. We thought about an exhaust fan/light combo, but all the models we saw at Lowes were not our cup of tea.

Wow! Now I’ll be able to see all my 3,000 parts and I’ll have no excuse for not seeing that mildew growing in the shower. Darn it!

On Wednesday Jeromy made a couple of passes over the ceiling with the spackle then sand treatment. It still isn’t paint ready, but I’ve cleaned up the room and we’re taking a break for a couple of days. I don’t think we’ll really have a good idea of how the ceiling looks until we get a coat of paint on it. Every time we look up from a different angle we see a new spot that needs spackle! So, I’ll have to give you an update on this bathroom project in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I’ll have a new vanity light installed too.

If you want to remove a popcorn ceiling preparation is essential. My advice is to cover everything in plastic and seal off the room. It is likely that the hard part won’t be the scraping, it will be repairing the ceiling afterward. This job is literally a pain in the neck and shoulders.

Has anyone else tackled a popcorn or textured ceiling? Any advice in case we decide to do this in another room?

4 thoughts on “Come On Down

    • Thanks! I don’t know what ceiling will be next. Jeromy’s work schedule is crazy until after the new year, so we probably won’t have time. Maybe I’ll finally get to sew! It is such a messy job. I hope I can get it all patched up and looking good after I paint. We’ll see!

  1. My advice: HIRE the pros and it will be finished in a day or two and they will clean up after themselves!!! Some jobs – like popcorn ceilings – are worth the expense of hiring someone. Just my ‘all-knowing opinion’!! 🙂

    • I know, right! I would totally love to hire pros to do lots of stuff around here, but alas our budget is, um, small. So, although I really dislike getting that dirty and cramped in the neck, I think it will keep us busy until we have money to do other stuff. Plus, Jeromy is so busy with work, I don’t think we’ll be working on another ceiling for a while. It will be kinda like having kids. We’ll do it so infrequently we’ll forget the pain of child birth, uh, I mean scraping the ceiling. Keep your opinions coming. I love it!

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