I Chihuly, You Chihuly

Jennifer, I see your indoor Chihuly display and raise you an outdoor one!! This week my family and I got to go to the Dallas Arboretum and they also happened to be having an exhibit of works of Chihuly on display. They were a sight to behold. Since we don’t get to enjoy the changing colors of the leaves too much in Texas the colorful glasswork was at least an alternative!

This one below reminds me again of the Lorax. What is with that movie? It really got in my head I guess!

The thing that sort of blew my mind was imagining how they got these huge works of glass set up outdoors without breaking them. They seem so fragile out there in the elements. I kept thinking what if a big gust of wind came along? What about birds?What if a tree fell? I’m guessing that’s why the display took place in the fall instead of during tornado season. They did have signs telling you not to touch the pieces or throw things at them so that was good. Ha! I’m sure that was in the insurance clause.

Anyway here are a few more pictures. These really were beautiful outside with the autumn sunlight bouncing off of them. In the information they give you about the exhibit they had asked the artist how he came up with the forms as many of them actually looked like plant-like structures. In essence he said that he made them as he felt they needed to be made and it just turned out that they sometimes happened to look like actual plants or flowers. This one above reminds me of an Agave plant.

In the display above they actually had to dye the water black with squid ink to hide the underpinnings holding the works of art down in the water. The black back drop made for a beautiful reflection on the water.

Even if his work is not your style I think it does offer something for everyone as the pieces are rich in color and striking in form. I actually really like his work. There is so much to look at and enjoy in each piece. Any body else seen any Chihuly lately? Does this inspire you to add some glass to your outdoor space?

One thought on “I Chihuly, You Chihuly

  1. Ha! Now I have to find more Chihuly! Hmmmm . . . I totally dig the outdoor art gallery. Art glass of all kinds is one of my favorite things. Kinda funny because my ancestors from Germany were glass makers. It’s in the genes, I guess.

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