Not In My House!

I originally thought I’d like to write a post about my Pinterest peeves. You know, all the recipes and weight loss ideas that somehow come up in the “Home Decor” and “DIY & Crafts” categories. How does that happen? Doesn’t anyone properly categorize their pins on this site? Anyway, then my thoughts morphed into something else. My brain started to just list decorating trends that you won’t find in my house. Some of the ideas are actually cool, but so ubiquitous, I just don’t want to do it because everyone else is too.

So here we go, things you won’t find in my house:

Writing On The Wall

Writing On The Wall

It seems kinda like a tattoo for your wall. I’m not a tattoo person because, well, I always figured I could never decide on something and then I’m sure I’d change my mind after it was too late. I know it’s just paint or a wall decal, but I just think it’s silly. Also, you just don’t see writing on the wall on the pages of Architectural Digest. Not done. However, I do like signs, letters and graphic art.

Chevron Patterned Anything

Chevron Rug

I’m not into this either. If it is your cup of tea, that is cool, but it gives me a headache. It makes my brain feel all wonky like I’m in a fun house, especially if it is a rug. No thanks.

Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard Paint

Maybe I cleaned too many chalkboards and erasers in elementary school. It’s dirty and dusty and I won’t have it in my house. I once saw a drum light shade covered in chalkboard paint. I wonder who thought that was a good idea.

Rustic Wood Paneled Wall

Rustic Panel Wall

This one breaks my heart because I love this look. It is totally me, but I see it in every stinkin’ design magazine and every design blog. I doubt anyone in my neighborhood has a wall like it in their house, but it just feels like it is everywhere. Darn it! I will reserve the right to change my mind on this, but I can tell you if I do, I wouldn’t use wood pallets. What is with this pallet craze? Do you know where those pallets have been? I think about it and it grosses me out.

Does anyone else look at decorating trends and wonder what all the fuss is about? Have you ever been turned off to something you like just because everyone else is doing it too?

9 thoughts on “Not In My House!

  1. Don’t get me started on that whole “writing on the wall” thing. It’s always some trite bollocks, trying pass as deep, too. I’m not a fan of the gallery of family photographs look, or things made from old pallets, and mason jars – just, ugh. Oh, and those wreaths that people make from any random crap they have lying around – and then try to sell them to their friends, ffs!
    Oh man, that rant felt good!
    I like the chevron though.

    • Glad you feel better, Alison! If you came over to our house right now, you would think we’re aliens or something. No family photos anywhere except of Josh. I’m also no good at photo albums or scrapbooks. I like doing photobooks on Snapfish, but that gets time consuming. Anyway, I’m thinking of doing a “scrapbook” of some of our European travels on a 3ft. x 3ft canvas – some abstract collage of ticket stubs etc. Hope you approve when I’m done.

  2. LOL – tell us how you really feel…
    I love the writing on the wall….I think it makes such a nice statement, if not overdone, especially in a child’s room.
    I WANT a wood slat ceiling or wall – I LOVE that look, but I’m with you on the pallets – no way in the world do I want something that had nasty stuff spilling all over it in the past hanging by or over my head.
    How are your rooms coming along? Anything new?

    • I knew not everyone would agree with me on everything! I think the wall writing is probably just too cute and precious for this cold hearted gal. But, if you put the same saying in a framed art print or wood sign, I might go for it. Funny. I really like the look of the rustic wood wall behind a headboard and I really like wood planks on the ceiling for a cottage look. Too bad I get turned off to things I think everyone else is doing.
      Things are going okay around the house. I think we’ve gotten some maintenance things taken care of. Still not the temp I like to do yard work. Maybe next week. I recently painted in the dining room and I purchased the fabric I like for the curtains. Have to get a sewing machine next! I also had Jeromy install a new light fixture for me in the dining room. I wrote about it in my last post.

  3. What no Chevron love? Ok, I probably wouldn’t have it either but I like seeing it in pics of other peoples houses. I agree with you. Certain trends are best left in the pages of a magazine. A few years ago a Super Bowl commercial advertised the office linebacker. Basically he came in when someone committed an office faux pas – like not refilling the copier with paper, drinking the last cup of coffee and stuuf like that. He would come in come in and take them down. Maybe they need one for over use of design trends too! “Put the chalkboard paint down! The pain train is coming!! Woo-woo!!!”. If you haven’t seen the office linebacker you can still find it on you tube- check it out. It’s hilarious!!

    • Mary Claire, YOU are hilarious. I can just see it the way you described it without the video, although I did take a look. Ha! Yup, the chevron and writing on the wall seem to be controversial choices, but hey that’s okay. This post was kinda fun to do just to get comments from people.

  4. I just googled “what’s after chalkboard and chevron?” and your blog post was one of the results.
    I hate cutesy sayings on walls, love the rustic wood slats thing, love chalkboard, and like chevron but agree it can be a bit much. But, more than anything, I hate whatever everyone else likes!! 🙂 So any ideas on what the coming trends are? I only like to be in on the beginning, otherwise, I’m out!

    • Geez, I’m not good at predicting trends. I pretty much figure it must be on the way out by the time I’m discovering it. I’m with you on not liking to have what everyone else has, which is why I only like to bring home what I absolutely love. I don’t know if this counts as a trend, but I like to mix styles and I find the most interesting rooms have contrasting elements. I recently updated our master bathroom and mixed polished nickel and oil rubbed bronze metals. Those are the finishes that I’m replacing the nasty, cheap looking brass with in our house. Of course, now brass is supposedly back in, but not for me. Usually trends spread from the top down, so check the high end mags like Architectural Digest to see what more affordable retailers will be knocking off. Thanks for reading our blog!

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