I can’t believe it is October already.  I haven’t been making anything much lately.  It seems I am always short on time.  But I finally have started to make progress on my husband’s quilt.

I have had to do a lot of ripping out on this project and so I can tell it is going to take some time.  But that is ok as long as I am able to finally count this one as finished (at least one day!).

It seems like I go through periods like that where everything I touch turns into a mess.  It was a rainy weekend here so I tried to catch up on some projects that had been hanging over my head for a while.  I had wanted to hang some floating shelves.  Unfortunately, all I ended up doing was making several large holes in the wall.  Then when I finally had the chance to work on the quilt – there ended up being a lot of things getting ripped out.  Although I made progress it wasn’t really forward.

After all that frustration I decided to work on some small projects that had long been needing repairs.  I sewed one arm back on a doll, one mermaid doll’s hair back on her head and then closed up a poor frog door stop that had lost its stuffing .  These projects have probably been sitting there waiting for me for a year!  They each took 10 mins or less to finish.  Sometimes I wonder why I procrastinate such small projects for so long.  It is like when I put off a chore around the house like folding laundry.  In actuality it only takes a few minutes to do but I usually procrastinate longer than it would actually take me to do the task!

So, do you have a remedy for what to do when all your efforts to make or do come up short?  How about a strategy for dealing with procrastination?  These are definitely two areas where I could use some help!

2 thoughts on “Progress?

  1. I know just what you mean! I have a box full of little craft projects I could do, plus a list of things on the computer that I could easily do, but haven’t gotten around to yet. My problem is out of sight, out of mind. Back when I cared more about having a clean house, I had a little notecard file box. I wrote down little chores that should be done around the house that are easy to forget about like “change furnace filter, clean window blinds, clean dryer vent.” Maybe write your projects down on notecards and when you have a free block of time pull out a card and actually do what it says. Maybe try to do one a day for small stuff, or even one a week. Yeesh, I should do this too. It is easy to see the big projects I need to do because every vantage point in this house has a big project, but if I did some little projects too, I’d feel good about that without spending big bucks.

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