The Not So Big Reveal

I promised some before and after pictures of my dining room last week. I really should have managed expectations by saying before and “in progress” pictures. So, here we go.

My dining room before:

Dining Room Before

The light fixture is new and one of my favorite things in the house. I should have included a picture of the dining room with the old fixture, but it turns out I don’t have one. Apparently I disliked the old light fixture so much, I couldn’t stand to take a picture of it.

My dining room now:

Dining Room In Progress

Good-bye yellow walls, hello Sedate Gray by Sherwin Williams! The rug is old, but I brought it in to warm up the space a bit. You can even see some stains in the left corner. Nice. The plant is new. I finally have a houseplant! I just can’t stand empty corners and houseplants are my go to filler if I don’t have anything else.

I’m totally diggin’ the way I hung the oil paintings. Individually, the paintings aren’t really my style, but hubby brought them home during his Air Force days after a TDY to Croatia. We’ve had the paintings for nearly as long as we’ve been married. Now I’m starting to appreciate them since I was finally able to visit Venice when we lived in Germany. I thought it best to hang them in the dining room as a collection. They remind me of the good life and that we should all take time to enjoy food and wine like the Italians!

My dining room curtains before:

Old Dining Room Curtains

My dining room curtains now:

Dining Room Curtains Now

You can see I moved the curtain rod higher up the wall to just below the crown moulding. The curtains aren’t new. I had these panels in Germany and they are just a place holder until I find a fabric that I totally fall in love with. The dining table is a place holder too. I’ve tired of it and we’re outgrowing it as Josh gets bigger. Plus, there is no room to sit and dine with family and friends.

Here’s what I’d like to have for the room:

I Wish

I saw the fabric, Covington Savannah, at a local fabric store today. It looks even better in person and the colors in the sample I brought home are spot on. I would love to have a sideboard or buffet like the one above, which is from Joss & Main. Maybe I’ll find something old that I can refinish in a pretty color. I really, really, really want a rustic farmhouse table with a trestle base. This table is from Pottery Barn. I’d like to incorporate some modern chairs like these from IKEA just to keep the room from being too traditional and serious.

So, that is the story on my very, very “in progress” dining room. It feels good to move forward a bit around here. I’m inspired to paint more since it turned out so well, but I think some work outdoors is next because it has finally cooled down here in South Carolina.

Anyone else have an “in progress” room? Or, maybe more than one like me?

8 thoughts on “The Not So Big Reveal

  1. Nice work Jen! I will try and send a picture of the fabric I chose many years ago to have an old rocker recovered – it looks just like the one you’re aiming for. It’s called cruel work which is basically embroidery and it’s easy to do on a small scale, you should try it!

    • Thanks, Marlene! Did you have that rocker in Stuttgart? I think I remember it. My mom used to have a sofa upholstered with crewel fabric. The pattern I like definitely looks like a crewel pattern. I never thought of trying to do any type of embroidery. I haven’t even knitted in a long time, although I have found a nice local yarn shop that is inspiring.

  2. I like all the updates. I have been wanting a drum shade over our kitchen table for a while. Did you have to go to a special store to find that one? I like the wall color and the curtains give it a nice updated look! I think you can never go wron with white ones as when you find the ones you want you can always find another place to use them. Great work!

    • I got the light from a sale on Joss & Main. The brand is Quoizel. It was such a good deal, I also bought a matching flushmount light for our entryway. The sale price on Joss & Main was cheaper than the Quoizel website. I wasn’t thinking, “I want to buy a light for the dining room today,” but when I saw exactly what I wanted for a price I was willing to pay, well I had to pounce! Thanks!

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  4. Hey it looks great! I am thinking of painting my living, dinning and kitchen (mostly open concept) sedate gray but have a tan two story entry that we don’t want to paint right now and a dining room off the the side (Looks like yours) w oak built ins.
    So just wondering what others coolers you have in the main part of your house and if they go well with the gray?!
    Thanks a bunch

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