On the Set of Grimm

Have any of you seen HGTV magazine? It is relatively new and I think for a decorating magazine it has lots of fun features. One of my favorite is when they feature the set of a television show and break down its features giving you lots of decor inspiration. But this month for some reason they didn’t include this feature in the magazine so I went searching for one of my favorite tv show sets to have a little break down of my own.

photo courtesey Hulu

photo courtesey hulu

Here we are on the set of Grimm. The show takes place in the town of Portland, Oregon. It seems to be the perfect back drop with it’s dark enchanting forests and moody gray weather.

photo courtesey Hulu

My favorite of the many sets is the home of Nick and Juliette. This is a place I would be happy to call home. On the show they make it look a little darker than it does here but I lighten it up a bit so we could see everything a little better.

Their home is a lovely Craftsman style home with all the beautiful wood work that goes with it. I like how they “roll” with all the dark wood and make it work in a more modern way with lots of midcentury modern furnishings.

Here you see the ever popular star burst mirror, but it looks like instead of a mirror it is more like an opaque orb. This gives it an interesting look. Maybe they had to do that for the filming? Check out the tufted couch here too. It looks very dressed up, but also comfy.

photo courtesey Hulu

Here you get a better look at some of those midcentury modern furnishings. The bright orange color seems to brighten up all that wood. Also the wood tones on the furniture tie in nicely with all the wood finishes that already exist in the home. Take a look at those ceilings too. Those are a nice feature that help to give the space more personality. I also like that birdcagy looking thing on the table. Very Pretty.

photo courtesey Hulu

I love the coffee table. I like how the soft curves of the table play off the more angular lines of the ceiling. It looks as though they were able to add a lot of different colors here (yellows and grays of the curtain, orange from the chair) but it is not overwhelming and still somehow gives the feeling of a more neutral space.

photo courtesey Hulu

If you watch the show you know that the main character Nick also spends a lot of time in an old trailer filled with paraphanalia from his family’s past as Grimms. The above is a close up of a book that explains a lot of the background information about his character on the show. It has these great illustrations. I found out that all the drawings in the book are done by an artist named Carly Sertic. Too bad she doesn’t sell any of these illustrations. Some of these could make for very interesting works of art to display.

So, these are my thoughts on my favorite television show set. Do you have a favorite tv show set or maybe even the set of a show that you watched as a kid? Please share.

3 thoughts on “On the Set of Grimm

  1. Very cool post! I admit that I covet the set decor of some of my favorite shows like Courtney Cox’s house on Cougar Town. I also love the apartment in the movie The Breakup. I absolutely love Mitchell and Cam’s house on Modern Family! This is such a fun post. I hope we can do more like this.

  2. I was watching Grimm tonight and was so taken by Monroe’s kitchen I got on Dr Goggle to find anybody else inspired by these fantastic sets, too. Thanks for the comments. I look forward to following you!

    • Yes, it is an awesome show and the sets are amazing. Funny I didn’t post about his kitchen but just recently noticed his cool butcher block/island. Lots of interesting things to look at as we watch the show! Thanks for reading!

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