Pushing For Daisies

I was inspired by Mary Claire’s post this week. She went looking for nature and brought home some wildflowers. I read her post after I was disappointed by the fresh cut flower selection at the grocery store. I usually like to top off my grocery cart with a bunch of flowers, but the flowers just weren’t looking good the other day. I got into this habit in Germany. Fresh cut flowers were so inexpensive there, I’m guessing thanks to the proximity to The Netherlands. Most days I could get 10 tulips or daises for just 1.99 Euros. That is about $2.50. Last week at my grocery store, I paid $4 for 5 daisies. Yeesh! Makes me wish for the day when this was in my back yard:

Wildflower Garden

That was Joshua, age 2, in the backyard of our house in Pennsylvania. Cute little bugger.

So, Mary Claire’s post made me wonder how people like to decorate with plants. Do you use artificial flowers and plants? Or, do you think real is the only way to go? Maybe a mix is more up your alley?

House Plant

I used to keep artificial flowers and plants in our house, but in recent years I’ve found myself preferring the real thing. We had a decent assortment of real houseplants in Germany, plus beautiful orchids. I had to give them all away before we moved. It made me so sad to part with them. Now in South Carolina, I haven’t acquired any new houseplants yet. I miss them. Sometimes I walk around the house with a half drunk glass of water looking for a plant to water. I think a house feels more like home with plants and flowers. Funny I don’t read or see much in decorating magazines about decorating with plants.

Natural Decor

I also like decorating with twigs, branches, grasses, bamboo. The moving guys in Germany wouldn’t pack my assortment of branches and twigs. I guess they took the “No Plants” thing seriously, even the dead ones! Oh well. You can tell the collage above was taken at Target, but you don’t have to buy this stuff. A lot of it can be found, like my son’s pine cone collection. I’m looking forward to using his new collection to decorate for the holidays, probably with silver and gold spray paint.

So, what gets your vote? Artificial or real? How do you bring nature into your home?

2 thoughts on “Pushing For Daisies

  1. I love this post. I do miss the nice but inexpensive flowers you could find in Germany. I do like live plants indoors. mainly the indestructible kind! I use to have a Vhristmas cactus that I loved. It has those pretty red blooms in winter. I need to get another one of those. Josh is so cute at two. I love your then backyard. How nice was that?

    • I should just grab a house plant every time I go to Lowes. That way I’d have a sizeable collection pretty fast. Our house in PA was very secluded. We really felt like we were in the middle of nature, which was great, but then it was impossible to keep the weeds out of our yard since the lot next to us was forest. Everyone once in a while I miss that house a lot. Wish I could have packed it up and moved it with us.

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