Snow in September

Sometimes I find myself frustrated in my new suburban neighborhood at the lack of nature. I get this feeling as though my neighborhood is like that city in the Lorax where everything is fake. Fake lawns, fake trees….everything is fake, fake, fake. When I see a butterfly or if I’m lucky a frog it is a great reassurance that I am indeed among living things – things of nature. So it has been a great comfort to me to find a few spots around our town where nature abounds. Not to be dramatic but I physically feel so much better in these places and I know it is good for me – mind, body and soul.

I was at one of these spots today when I spotted several different types of wildflowers. I have fun looking these up with my kids and having them help me identify them. I love learning their names. They usually have some interesting ones and these were no exception. This one above is called Snow on the Prairie. This one sounds like it would make a great paint color name. I wonder if that is how they come up with those names?

I also spotted this unusual flower called Purple Pineapple. I guess sometimes they just call it like they see it.

There was also this small purple flower that was really pretty but I couldn’t find it in our book.

So at times there might be things about my new neighborhood that I find frustrating, but fortunately Mother Nature is in town and she knows how to dress.

3 thoughts on “Snow in September

  1. Mary, the good thing about your latest entry
    is that no matter where you live if you seek
    you will find …and you have a knack for always “finding” special places and interesting things that bring joy. I especially
    like the purple pineapple….but I liked them all. There is something about natural beauty
    that just sits out there for us to enjoy that amazes me and is very spiritual.

  2. Great post, Mary Claire! I know just how you feel about feeling frustrated and then discovering something to cherish. One of the things I find interesting in South Carolina are the different birds I get to see everyday. I didn’t get to see many cranes or herons growing up in Iowa. Then, just today I spotted some Canadian geese in a grassy area by the Kmart parking lot. You just never know where you’ll come face to face with nature. I also love that you got to bring some wildflowers home to decorate with. I think your post just inpsired my post for Friday! Thanks!

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