Scary Bears

Ok, so here’s an update on the living room from last week.  A pair of curtains, a rug, some new pillows and a record display have all been added.  This photo below doesn’t show the new pillows but it does show our new puppy!  Hi, Indy!

I lucked up and Target was having a 30 percent off sale on outdoor rugs.  I had originally been thinking of getting a larger one of these for our den but since we recently got our puppy I decided it was better to put a new rug in an area where he spent less time.  I guess from the looks of it though he’s looking very comfy in here.

So back to the updates.  The curtains are fairly straightforward.  I didn’t do anything to personalize them at all. I definitely could see later on adding some wide ribbon to the inside edges in a bright color maybe even in velvet to add some more color to the room.  I think that would be a fun update. 

I also made new covers for the pillows.  I actually used the same pillows forms that I already had.  I just really shoved them in there.  It is probably why they look a little misshapen.  Once I sew the bottom edges up I think that will fix some of the problem.  I just wanted to use what I had on hand and it actually made the pillows a lot more firm.  Fortunately, a firm pillow is something that this chair style really needs. These pillows make it a little easier on your back.

To make the pillows I purchased some faux fur, I think it was labeled something funny like “scary bear fur” maybe I’m making that up… I can’t remember.  It is meant for Halloween costumes and so it is not very soft but it has the look I was wanting.  This was sold 54″ to the bolt so I only needed a half yard to make two pillows.

I used some lightweight canvas that I had in my fabric stash for the back side.  I wanted something sturdy for the back as the faux fur called something more durable than quilting cotton.  I used my serger and sewed all the edges leaving an opening to sew up later.

I discovered I really liked using the serger for sewing the pillows as this meant once I was done serging I didn’t have to go back and finish up the seams.  I’m not sure though about the opening I left though.  Since it is a serged seam it won’t give me much of a seam allowance to work with later.

After this I made a record display.  At the end of the summer my children re-discovered our record collection that half consists of records from each of my husband’s and my childhoods.  His half is more respectable stuff.  My half is “The World of Strawberry Shortcake”  Shaun Cassidy, Juice Newton and Olivia Newton-John.  The kids have fun listening to my old Disney records and some of the story telling ones too though so I thought it would be a good idea to make a display for them where they can get to them easily.

Most of my records don’t have jackets either so I thought this display would help keep them sort of protected as well.  I just got a peg board from the hardware store and put the pegs on it a way that I thought would display the records best.  I also got some plastic trim to cover up the edges of the board and make it look more finished.  Thankfully the guy at the hardware store helped with that too.  He did a good job except for the bottom.  By the time he got to that point I was wishing I had just taken it home to do myself.  But I liked this type of edging because it just slid right over the edge of the board versus having to use glue or nails.

So this is how it all looked together.

Then this is how it looked after my kids rearranged.  I’m actually kind of liking it.  I guess that is the beauty of this room you can really just move the furniture around to suit whatever you are doing at the time.  I think to really finish it off I could do lots of stuff.  Ideally, I think I would prefer the bookshelves in white and the chest could use some kind of updating as well, but I think at this time in my life those ideas are just a little bit more of an investment of time than I’m wanting to make.   So for the time being I’m going to leave well enough alone!

I definitely think the changes we’ve made so far have made it a more fun space to spend time.  Is there a corner of your house that you find yourself in all the time?

7 thoughts on “Scary Bears

  1. That is a very versatile room you have there. I love that the kids helped you rearrange the furniture! I think the rug really helps to lighten things up a bit. I always thought it would be fun to try fabric paint on plain curtains. My sister even went so far as using a stencil and spray paint on sheer curtains. I also like the ribbon idea. I think your record display is a great idea. I love it when a DIY project combines storage and decoration. Awesome!

    • Thanks Jennifer! I like both those painting on curtains ideas!! I may have to try one of those!! I too like the storage/decor ideas. Wish I could come up with some ideas like that for the kid rooms!

  2. Thank you. I enjoy reading it & You did not loose me while reading is a good sign since I have a very short attention span @ 10 at night.

  3. I actually like the dark bookshelves! They make a nice contrast against the lighter furniture. I also like your ottoman…I really want to find one of those myself.

    This post reminded me that I wanted to give you the URL for that antique store up here in Northern Virginia that I think I told you about: They started selling stuff online, which is a new (and dangerous!) development–for me, anyway. 🙂

      • Uh, oh…! I’ll have to take a look! The ottoman came from over stock and wasn’t overly expensive. I always read the reviews. Less expensive stuff that gets good ratings has turned out to be a winner for me. Chairs came from overstock too. The fabric on the ottoman is really nice too- sturdy, but almost feels like linen and a nice color too! Another good versatile piece.

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