Big Flippin’ Q

I have a room in our house we call “the library”.  It sounds very formal but we or should I say my husband has lots of books and so we need a place to put them and what do you call a room where you put books?

Anyway since the room is mostly bookshelves I have had a hard time making it a comfortable room or making it a room that I would want to plop down in and read one of these many books.

Most of the things we have are more traditional and after 10 plus years of living with very traditional things I’ve found myself wanting to modernize it up.  So I found two items that have seemed to help.

First up this white mirror.  It is wooden and solid and heavy.  The frame has a white lacquered finish.  

It also has sort of a bamboo pattern on it so I felt this would add not only some shine, but also some texture.  There are a couple of great things about mirrors.  First of all they glamorize.  Second, they are versatile.  I mean think about it.  Where can you not put a mirror?!  I already have 3 back-up locations for this baby.  Another thing I like to think about when adding items to my home is longevity and this mirror has it!

Next up I also found this letter.  It was the only letter in the store.  It is not like there was an L, P, R and a K.  There was just a K.  So of course I had to pick it up.   I think the letter thing is kind of trendy right now.  I usually don’t like to add too many trendy items as it means you’ll soon be over it but, I thought it would be just the thing to help give the room a more modern look.  Every time I see this K I think of that Dennis Leary comedy routine he does about Nyquil – the big flippin’ Q – (except he doesn’t say flippin’:) 

I rearranged the furniture so with that and with these two additions it just feels better.  It still needs some more help but it’s getting there. I wish I had thought to take a before picture!  But here is an after.

There are still some blank spots but with a plant or something under the mirror and a few other tweaks (make some new pillows, for example) it will feel like a cozy modern spot one day!

Ok, that’s all I’ve got on that front. On the sewing front I’ve finally started working on my husband’s quilt that I’ve promised him for 3+years?!, I think.  I’ve made one for both my children and myself so I guess it is his turn.  I will add pictures of it soon.  I am doing the New Wave pattern from Oh Fransson!  So far so good.  She has just recently offered two classes on Craftsy and one is FREE!  I have to say I have signed up for many of their classes and I have really enjoyed them all!  I think their classes are an amazing deal!  Many times they offer them at a discount and all the instructors are top-notch!

If you aren’t into sewing or knitting they also offer cake decorating, jewelry making, baking classes  and lots of other stuff so you should definitely check it out.  I think it is awesome. Learning on your on time, in your own home from instructors who you would normally pay lots of $$ to take a similar class from in person- its amazing.

Ok and one more unrelated thing.  My daughter has been pulling out random things to get dressed in everyday.  The other day she pulled out a pink trench coat and wanted to wear that to the park (it was 90 degrees and humid!).  So anyway this has just been her thing lately.  Well the next day she pulled out this dress below and I told her “You can’t wear that.  I made it for you when you were 2 years old.  It won’t fit you.”  Of course I figured I would have to put it on her to show her that it did not fit.  But, then when I put it on her it fit perfectly!! I guess she told me! Now I want to find a picture of her wearing it at 2.  It must have dragged the floor!

Funny!  So have you had anything in your closet lately that surprised you that it fit?  Ha, ha, only kidding:)

4 thoughts on “Big Flippin’ Q

  1. The library is really shaping up nicely, Mary Claire. I love those chairs! Where did you find them? I also like that you have a little variety in the heights of the bookshelves. I think that helps to break up the darkness of the shelves. I totally get what you are saying about picking trendy decorative items. I view so many decorating magazines, blogs and websites that, for example, I get tired of seeing chevron pillows and I’ve never even had a chance to buy or make one for my house. So, I usually don’t buy anything for my house unless I absolutely love it.

  2. I bought them from and they deliver them right to your door. I just hand to assemble them. They weren’t very expensive either! I’ve gotten lots if compliments on them. They are now a year old. I scotch guarded them and so far so good!

  3. Your library looks really good and very neat .
    I am not a decorator so this suggestion is
    just that a suggestion/thought…
    Wonder if over the bookcases on the wall
    you could get some of those scripted words
    say from a poem or a famous quote and stick
    them to the wall. This would be a little “modern” wouldn’t it? They are easy to attach and remove .
    Okay, I know I’m not that creative but I did
    get a chance to voice my idea …

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