Remember Wren Field Trip: Dr. Pepper Style

The longer we live in Texas I discover how many food products we love as Americans are made right here in Texas.  Did you know that the corn dog was born at the Texas State Fair?  Frito-Lay, Blue Bell ice cream, and Shiner Bock beer all come from the great state of Texas. 

But did you know that Dr. Pepper was born here too?

Well we recently took a trip to see for ourselves. We found our way to Waco, TX and right to the Dr. Pepper Museum.  It is a small museum.  This is no way compares to larger beverage museums such as the World of Coke in Atlanta.  This museum is much, much smaller but, no less interesing.  It is a great museum for kids too as it is short, sweet (literally!) and to the point.  You get to see how the original bottling process took place and peer down into an original well they had on site to supply them with all the water they needed to keep the bottling process going.

Here you can see displayed all the various types of bottles Dr. Pepper has been served in over the years.

You also get to “meet” the creator of the Dr. Pepper inside a display of the original drugstore where it was first invented.

You get to take a look at tons and tons of Dr. Pepper memorabilia from their 120+ year history.  Such as the truck above and the super cute little car below.  Then at the end you can enjoy a Dr. Pepper float and take a seat in their old fashion soda fountain.

This was my kind of museum a little bit of kitsch, a little history and a nice tasty treat at the end!

So, if you are ever in Waco find your way to the Dr. Pepper Museum.  It is well worth a stop!

One thought on “Remember Wren Field Trip: Dr. Pepper Style

  1. I just happen to love Dr. Pepper and I had no idea it was created in Texas. Cool. I really like how the nostalgia of this post fits with the idea of our blog. Decorating with memorabilia is really popular today. I wonder how many people decorate with old beverage bottles and company logos in their homes? I also like how you have shared something about your new home state. It inspired me to get out and share some cool stuff about Charleston.

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