UFO No Mo’

Well not much sewing going on around here but I did finish a knitting project that I had started working on last winter.

This hat that I knitted for my daughter.  This was a fairly straight forward project and went relatively smoothly.  I did have to re-do the knitting for the fair isle design several times and that is why I must have put it down at some point.

When I was looking through my yarn stash I rediscovered this project and thought it wouldn’t take too long to finish it up and it didn’t.  It’s definitely not perfect and I probably didn’t choose the best yarn for this project but it is finished and that counts for something right?

The downside to finishing a project months after you started it is that, if you are knitting it for a child, it most likely will not fit anymore.  Unfortunately that was the case with this project.  So I have to find a 2-3 year old girl who is in need of a winter hat!  Still this was good practice and a small enough project that I got it finished fairly painlessly!

Next up finishing another UFO (UnFinished Object), sock number 2 that was started 3 winters ago and I think I have worked on it every winter since.  I will get these done! (Eventually!)

One thought on “UFO No Mo’

  1. I love the UFO term! I’m gonna steal it since I have several UFO’s in my house right now. The hat is cute by the way. I never did get around to trying a hat. I recently thought of doing more cup snuggies, but I’m just not motivated to knit in the summer. I wonder if it will ever get cold enough in South Carolina for me to wear the scarves I knitted in Germany.

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