Dare to Repair

A few years ago I purchased a book called “Dare to Repair” written by Julie Sussman and Stephanie Glakas-Tenet. I bought it because at the time I was a military spouse and I often found myself with things to repair and no husband in sight. So I figured this would be a great guide for me to handle some of those problems by myself. Unfortunately, I don’t think I ever have used this book. All the things that ended up braking were never subjects covered in the book!

So the other day when we had a leaky faucet I ran over to this book to see if the subject of leaky faucet repair was in there. And it was, but just not the kind of faucet that I have- perfect …. so, next I decided to search U-Tube. Now here I need to back up and explain that my first thought was actually “oh, I guess I need to call a plumber.” We’ve been needing to call one for a while about our bathtub that seems to have a slow leak. I kept putting it off thinking I would wait until we had another job for the plumber to do and get them both fixed at the same time. Then as I was contemplating the best neighbor to call for plummer recommendations I decided maybe I could try to do something about it myself.

I also have to explain that U-tube is my go to for learning how to do all kinds of things. For understanding a new knitting technique to how to teach my son to kick a field goal. So I figured why not? Sure enough there were several videos on how to repair a leaking faucet. The company that hmade my faucet even had their own video on there so that was the one I used. One trip to the hardware store later and I had all the parts that I would need for my repair!

So instead of calling a plumber I fixed it myself, saved $, and gained the confidence in knowing I could figure it out myself- priceless!!!

Now maybe I should see if there are any u-tube videos for fixing my bathtub problem!! It will probably not be so easy! So, have you been up to any home repairs lately? I know Jennifer has!

Note: Since purchasing my book years ago I see that they have added several new books to their series. The one on car repair I actually have, but now they also have a special plumbing edition and also another one on DIY projects. (Jen maybe you could use some of these? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Dare to Repair

  1. Me again! I fixed bicycle brakes and non-responding wii remotes from you tube with clear step by step visual instructions – you just can’t beat it!

    • I agree!! It’s amazing what you can do with so many how-to videos at your fingertips! Didn’t it feel good to fix it yourself?!

  2. I was going to say, “send me that book if you aren’t going to use it!” and I know I wouldn’t have figured out my German sewing machine without YouTube. There are some things that just won’t get done if you don’t do it yourself. If I’m stong enough and not afraid of electrocution or explosions, I’ll try to fix it. ; )

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