A Quilt in a Day

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to take a quilting class at my local Joann’s.  The class was teaching the “quilt as you go” technique.  This way of quilting uses your serger to serge together a quilt sandwich.  So when you are cutting your fabric in preparation to begin quilting you not only cut the fabric strips but you also cut the batting into strips!  Then you make the quilt sandwich in such a way that enables you to literally quilt as you go!

I was amazed at the super fast results.  I made the entire quilt above, which is a stroller sized quilt, all in one day.  This is a completed quilt fully pieced and quilted.  The only thing left to do is add the binding.

I was really curious about this technique when someone at the store was explaining this class to me.  I couldn’t find much on the internet about this technique so I decided to take the class.  I’m glad I did!  This would be a super fast way to make a cute baby quilt for a friend in a short amount of time.  I definitely want to try this  technique again and make a larger quilt.  That is the other cool thing about this technique.  You just keep adding the strips until it is the size you want.

The only downsides I see are the fact that you can only do the log cabin pattern or a similar pattern of rectangles.  Also the front and back are the same.  You could work around that however, but you would have to stay very organized as you quilted the “sandwiches” together.

Since this was a practice quilt I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into my color choices for this one.  So next time I would like to plan it out a little better.  I am really happy to have learned a new quick way to crank out some quilts and also another great use for my serger!

Now, on another unrelated note.  See the edges of the table peaking out from under the quilt in the picture above?  See how scratced up it is?  Well today that table finally got a much needed sanding!  So hopefully soon I will have pictures of a newly stained table  – sans water rings and 7+ years of scratches!

One thought on “A Quilt in a Day

  1. Awesome post, Mary Claire! I think this technique is a great idea. You mentioned how fast it is, so maybe this would be a good way to make placemats or table runners. Cool!

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