Moving Days: 8 Weeks and 9 Beds Later

Monday, July 9

3:15 pm.  We are anxiously awaiting delivery of our household goods from Germany. Only two more days to wait. In the meantime, I’m wondering when we’ll get the keys to our house. The inspection of our house by our property managers was suppose to happen this morning since our tenants are supposedly all moved out. We haven’t heard from our managers, so I’m wondering how things went. I think I’ll have to give them a call shortly. I just can’t stand the suspense. I’m curious what our house looks like after two and a half years away. When we left, we sincerely didn’t expect to ever set foot in the place again, let alone live there. But now that it will be our home once again, I can’t help but wonder if Joshua’s bedroom is still orange. Did our renters totally trash our newly sodded back yard? Is my beautiful Kenmore Trio fridge in good condition? I expect the floors and walls to look like crap, but will they be disgusting? Oh, I can’t hardly stand the wait anymore!

7:15 pm. I called our property management company at 3:30 and the person I needed to talk to was busy with another client. I’m still waiting for a call back, but I don’t think I’ll get it this evening. I want my keys! I want my keys! Someone will be getting a phone call in the AM. Better believe it.

Tuesday, July 10

12:34 pm.  We can pick up the keys this afternoon! Hooray! I’m feeling a bit nervous and excited.

Nearly eight weeks ago the movers packed up our household goods. Since then, Josh and I have slept in nine different beds. I’m so grateful we had so many family and friends we could impose on. We made messes of their homes and ate their food. We were most certainly very bad company, you know –  grumpy, irritable, sloppy, grumpy and even more grumpy. Thank you to everyone for putting up with us.

This experience has taught me that a place to call my own, a place to relax and be private, is very important. I used to think that interior design is a shallow hobby, but now I know how important a comfortable place of my own is to my well being. I can’t wait to get my stuff and put it in my house!

2:30 pm. We pulled up to the house with keys in hand.

My House

You’ll just have to read my next post to find out what we found inside and out.

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About Jennifer

I'm an interior designer at my core and a big fan of simple pleasures and Mother Nature. Originally from Iowa, I've lived up and down the East Coast, plus Alaska and Germany (thanks to my husband, who must have nomadic blood in his veins). Currently I'm a Yankee in South Carolina, trying to keep up with my son and constantly adjusting to life in the South.

2 thoughts on “Moving Days: 8 Weeks and 9 Beds Later

  1. I love your house! It’s so cute!! You’re definitely keeping us in suspense!! Can’t wait to see what you found!!

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