Choice Collector

Today I’m going to give a shout out to my mom. She was a frugal shopper long before it was cool. She’s sharp as a tack, even at the age of 82. I’m certain I inherited my interest in interior design from her. Just to give you an idea of how she decorates, I’m going to give you a tour of her bedroom.

Her style definitely is traditional and she decorates with a muted color scheme, pretty much the opposite of me, but she’s got some tricks up her sleeve that we can learn from. First, note how her bed is set at a slight angle. Giving furniture a nudge can change the flow of the room and really make it more interesting. She also likes to layer rugs on top of carpet or other rugs.

Above her bed she has an interesting collection of  portraits. I like the varied shapes and sizes of the frames while the finish of the frames and subject matter is very similar. She purchased the artwork at second hand sales.

I think my mom had a brilliant idea when she placed her TV on a coffee table. Don’t like ugly TV stands? Don’t use them! She picked this table up on sale at Nebraska Furniture Mart. In this picture you can see the beautiful hardwood floors that run throughout my parents’ house. This bedroom is located above the garage, so Mom chose to put down a large piece of carpet bound around the edge so the floor is warm under foot.

Her favorite piece of furniture in the entire house is this Venetian bombe chest made by Karges. She purchased it second hand at a Collector’s Choice sale in Omaha. You aren’t gonna believe this but she paid less than 10% of the retail price for it! I’d divulge the details, but she’d disown me! She wasn’t looking for a chest of drawers, but when she came across this sweet deal she pounced. I think that is the key to shopping second hand. Don’t look for something specific and don’t hesitate when you see a good deal.

So, thanks Mom for showing me how to shop second hand for super decorating deals!

One thought on “Choice Collector

  1. Sounds like you learned lots from your Mom while shopping second hand over the years. That Venetian chest is beautiful! It looks as though she uses a skilled eye to pull her unique finds together for a unified look. Thanks for sharing!

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