When You’re Not Looking

I am not someone who often purposefully goes thrifting but if I find myself near a thrift or antique store or have something in mind that I need I usually like to take a look. Some of the best finds I have had were when I wasn’t really looking. The chair above I found at an Army post thrift store when we lived in Germany the first time 5 years ago. I loved the way the paint was slightly scratched and imperfect. I loved its simple shape. At the time I had a 2 year old boy who could actually use it! Now he is bigger and his sister uses it at her tea parties. I could see many uses for this even when they both have outgrown it. I could see it holding a plantar or even nailed up on the wall as a little shelf or bedside table. I think this one will be sticking around.

This calendar I found in a small Alsatian town in France. It was in a store front that was basically a set of stairs which took you down to a basement. I think the main part of the store sold a local style of pottery but in the back there were shelves full of “junk”. They also had these bins on several tables in the middle that you could just sort of rumage through. That is where I found this. I like it because it is an item you can actually use. It tells the month and day of the week in French and also the date.

I also love finding other vintage office supplies. This tape holder I actually found on Ebay which I guess is a thrifters way of cheating. I don’t really remember how I came across it. It was made in San Franciso by a Japanese company. I love that they took something so utilitarian and made it beautiful.

It isn’t really equipped anymore to work as a tape holder as it no longer has the mechanism to hold the tape and the tape cutter is dull. I use it to hold my tape measure.

Next up my sewing chair. It was in a house in a town where I use to live in Georgia that had been turned into a playhouse for children. The house had different areas for children to play in including a small grocery store, a block area, train tables and even a little “tea party” area. They also had a thrift store section they ran for a short time. This was sitting in the thrift store section that at the time was located right when you came in the door. It had a tag that said 8 dollars. It had a tear on one arm and looked broken in but other than that it was in great condition. I new the color was bold but I loved it and couldn’t pass it up.

I took it home and actually happend to have a small amount of vinyl in my stash that resembled the fabric of the chair and recovered that section of the arm. Now it’s practically good as new.

The last great find I’ll share was this mirror that I found in Germany at the Deutsch Rotes Kreuz (German Red Cross) in the town where I lived. I had been wanting a round mirror and had even found one there a few weeks before I found this one but it’s frame was plastic so I didn’t get it. Then a few weeks later I went back to find this one and it was something like 9 Euros. Its frame is made of wood.

I really like that it gives our space a little bit more of a modern feel. It is another piece that I think is versatile. If we ever get tired of it we could use it as a mirrored tray on a coffee table and I think it would look equally nice. I love figuring out more than one way to use on object. It makes you feel like you are getting more bang for your buck.

So it seems I have a thing for red chairs and office supplies. What items do you find yourself collecting when you’re not looking?

One thought on “When You’re Not Looking

  1. Love the red chair and the globe calendar! I do think it is easier to find cool stuff when you aren’t looking. This post has me so excited to get settled in our house and go on treasure hunts to second hand shops. I’ll finally have somewhere to put great finds. By the way, I love how your fireplace is framed in the picture of the mirror. Very clever!

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