Making Ice Cream Cones at Home

When I was making ice cream the other day I thought it would be fun to go a step further and make some cones too. Yeah I know roll your eyes… but for some reason I love trying to make things that you usually only buy in a store.

In fact a few years ago I purchased a used copy of an old book called “Better Than Store Bought“. In it there are recipes to make all kinds of items you normally purchase at the store. A few of the items I have tried to make at home the last few years include marshmallows (extra delicious when homemade), bagels (ditto), cream cheese (ditto), and donuts (not so much – you just can’t beat the original hot and fresh). It is just fun to give these items a try and if they turn out it is even greater knowing you can make these items at home and know exactly what ingredients are inside.

So when I saw this recipe for making the cones at home I had to give it a try. Waffle cone making and I have a history. You see when I was in high school I worked at a frozen yogurt shop. This is currently (and will probably always be) my favorite job that I have ever had. I mean free yogurt EVERYDAY -what teenager could say no to that? Of course this job did cause me to gain the freshman 15 a year early but that’s beside the point, ok?

Anyway, one of our jobs was to make waffle cones. It was a pretty straightforward process: put mixture on waffle iron, close and then try to wrap blazing hot cone – to – be around wooden cone mold. Simple, right? Nope, not for me. So you don’t have to wonder why I wasn’t asked to do this – ever. I was not good at making cones.
But I always thought it was a pretty cool thing to do – to be able to make your own.

I have always eyed those waffle cone makers in stores. I think I’ve always wanted to make up for those terrible ones I made back then and to be able to make them whenever I wanted. But those machines aren’t cheap and really how often would it get used?

So when I saw a recipe for making cones with out a special machine I was curious. Of course these wouldn’t be waffle cones but I was ok with that. So I tried it out. It worked. Of course there is still the matter of rolling the piping hot cone – to – be around the mold (that they give you instructions for making yourself).

I actually didn’t have great results using the mold. I just sort of shaped it myself. I think the problem was that I did not cook them quite long enough.

It called for you to bake them 6-7 minutes and I think my oven required something more like 8-9 mins to get them more brown. I think if I had done this it would have been easier to use my mold. As it was, the less baked cones were stickier and stuck to my mold. However, here is the final product.

I will have to give these another try. These were really fun to make. Here it is all filled with ice cream.

I had to add some fun paper to wrap around the cone. This was where my husband rolled HIS eyes. Anyway, my children liked them until the ice cream started melting out of the bottom. This wouldn’t happen with the store bought ones but everything homemade has to have its charm, right?

***One thing we use to do at the yogurt shop when the cones were made and there was too much of a hole at the bottom of the cone was to put a mini marshmellow in the bottom of the cone to cover the whole. Problem solved. ***

One thought on “Making Ice Cream Cones at Home

  1. I can just see Shaun rolling his eyes, but I think the paper wrapper is cute and the marshmallow trick is a good tip. If I weren’t already so full of food I shouldn’t eat, I’d really want a waffle cone right now. Yummy!

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