On the Oliver + S facebook page the other day their flickr photo of the day was from this blog. I saw this post about sewing their Popover Sun Dress and shortening it into a shirt. This project looked quick and seemed to be a great stash buster.  This pattern is free on their website and you can download it and print it right out.  So that is what I did.

The thing I love about this pattern are the details.  In some ways this is put together much like a simple pillowcase dress except you use bias binding on the arm holes and they make simple tie straps.  I had made some bias binding a while back that I never used so I put it to work here and that also helped to make this project go more quickly.

The great thing about the way the yoke is put together is that it gives you a great opportunity to add a little detail.  I added some trim from my grandmother’s stash and some purchased crochet looking trim.  I really like the way that the two look together.

I used Wonder Tape to secure my trim before stitching and this really helped to keep everything in place while I stitched.  I usually use this tape when sewing in zippers.

Here is the vintage trim with the Wonder Tape on it.

You place the sticky side down and then once you have it firmly in place you peel off this side of the tape so that both sticky sides are exposed.  Then you place your trim where you want it to go.  I then layered the crochet trim on top of this trim using another strip of the wonder tape.

It is amazing the difference a simple thing like this tape can do to make your finished project look more polished.  This photo is before it got top stitched though.

Here it is all finished.

This is the first time I have gotten the blind hem stitch to work!  I guess I am a very visual learner so this tutorial really helped me.  I think it is something about how she places the pins in before folding it over that really helped me get it right.  For me the blind stitch is all about how you fold the fabric.  Oh yeah and guiding your fabric along the right location on your blind hem foot.  That doesn’t hurt either!  This is what it looks like on the inside.

Here it is close up from the outside.

Another nice thing about the way the yoke is designed is that it really gives this quick project a clean finish.  I decided to do french seams on the side seams.  The whole top looks great from the inside out.

This is a great pattern and a good beginner project.  This pattern also includes a pattern for a matching dress for an 18″ doll.  This may be next on my list as would be a great way to use up those left over scraps of fabric!

3 thoughts on “Details

  1. “Beginner project!” You crack me up, Mary Claire! Of course with your skills, you’d think this is a beginner project. Now that I’m stateside, you’ll have to give me a recommendation for good starter sewing machine.

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