And the Knits Keep Coming

Ok, so I think I’ve found a new addiction.  I am loving sewing with knits.  Meet my new enabler Sewing Modkid Style – Modern Threads for the Cool Girl by Patty Young.  Just when I thought I was getting sewing with knits out of my system I ran across this new book.  It is great.  It has lots of cute styles for making all kinds of knit clothing items ranging from leggings to bubble skirts. It has a little bit of every kind of knit clothing item or accessory that you could imagine a little girl would want to wear.  So of course I had to try a few items out of the book.  First up the Banded Tank Top.

I made a few modifications to this pattern.  First of all I didn’t have enough of the owl fabric to make the middle section as poofy as it is suppose to be so it is less so which I think is ok.  Second, I shortened the top band by a few inches.  Also because I was trying to use up the rest of my Wal-Mart stash of knit shirts I had to make the top and bottom band out of two different fabrics.  I like the result.  My daugher doesn’t though.  She said it looks weird so I guess this one wasn’t a total win.  Here is the original shirt being cut up to be made into the banded tank top.

And here is the final product.

Then next I took this shirt and turned it into

the yoga shorts which are also from Patty Young’s book.

I used a red knit that I had left over from another project for the banded waist and the t-shirt for the shorts.  If you look closely you will notice that I used the hem of the shirt for the short bottoms.  So once I sewed them up they were already hemmed!  This made the project that much faster!  These go together so quickly.  Once you have the pattern traced and the fabric cut out – these can easily be made in an hour!  This would be a great first project for someone just starting out sewing with knits.  I love quick projects and my daughter actually liked these!

Here you can see the yoga style waist band that you wear folded down.  These look so comfortable!  I want a pair!

There are several more patterns that I want to try in this book.  The bubble dress, the A-lined gored skirt and the tie strap halter just to name a few!  I also definitely want to try out her leggings pattern now that I know those can also be made so quickly.  The great thing about the patterns in this book is that they range in size 2T- 10!  So hopefully I will be able to use these patterns for a while or at least as long as I get the approval from my daughter!

5 thoughts on “And the Knits Keep Coming

  1. I tied making a yoga style waist band for my son’s pj pants on my own (i.e. no pattern or instructions, just tried to figure it out) and it didn’t work out so well. It was much too loose. I really want to learn it as it looks so comfy, I have tons of extra knit and would like to not always be running out to buy more elastic. I don’t want to buy that book as I only have a boy, but hopefully I can find a good free tutorial that give measurements for 2T.

    I love how your shirt and shorts turned out. That owl fabric is so fun!

    • You probably just need to find a knit with the right amount of stretch. Also cut two rectangular shapes out of the knit and sew them up the side to make the band. Then fold it in half and attach to your waist band. Maybe you could use a pair of his current shorts as a pattern? It definitely does beat always using elastic!

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