Sewing for Swimming – Part III The Beach Robe

Ok, so this is like a bad movie sequel that won’t stop.  At least this time around I am using a different fabric!  But, yes this is the final installment of Sewing for Swimming.  So here we go with the last thing I have sewed for swimming (for now).

I made the Beach Robe from Dana’s MADE blog.  I purchased the beach towel from Target and I used pre-made double fold bias that came from the fabric store.  This one went together very quickly and easily.

My only problem with this one is that sewing bias binding on anything other than a quilt is not my favorite thing.  I’ve used it on placemats and on clothing items like this and it never ends up looking that nice.  I think I just need more practice.  Here’s the bad side.

Quilt bindings seam easier and look much better.  Maybe because the ones I do on quilts are a little bit wider than this type of binding?  Plus I usually do the machine and hand sewing method to attach a quilt binding – so that always gives better results in my opinion.

Here’s the good side or maybe “better side” is a better way to say it.  Any way other than that I think it looks cute.

I decided to do the lined hood and I think that turned out well.  I used some more bias binding to cover up the seam where I joined the hood to the body of the robe and it gives it a cleaner finish.

Here is the back.  I still have to sew the binding on the front and bottom of the robe. Somehow my sewing projects end up like some of the books that I read.  I get to the very end and then I just stop.  I eventually pick them up later.  I think once I get to the point where I can see everything coming together I am over it.  Hopefully I will get back on this shortly as outdoor pool season will be here soon!!!

4 thoughts on “Sewing for Swimming – Part III The Beach Robe

  1. Mary, this is so cute and clever! I can just see you selling these in a booth at our SC Poultry Festival, Ha. Great job. Susie

  2. you are so talented, I love it! I run into that binding problem a lot when I use it on my aprons. I’ve found setting the stitch length to a longer setting helps.

  3. I really wish I had the time and energy to try some sewing projects because your projects are inspiring. It must be so much fun having a little girl you can make things for. Awesome!

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