Sewing for Swimming-Part II – Sewing with a Hammer

It is always fun when you get to make a sewing project that involves the use of tools from your tool chest.  This was one of those projects.  When my daughter started taking swimming lessons back in August she was given a swim bag.  By now it has gotten very worn and I wanted to make her another one and make it a little less generic looking and a little more suited to a little girl.

My first thought was to purchase some white nylon material and line some 100 percent cotton fabric that I already had on hand.  But then I cam across the PUL material mentioned here and decided to go with that.  I used the first bag as basic pattern inspiration and used this tutorial from Noodlehead as a guide for the dimensions and zippered pocket.

I ended up using a different fabric to make the zippered pocket as I thought I wouldn’t have enough of the PUL material left over but It turned out that I had plenty!  It would have looked so much better had I made it all out of the same fabric.  But now that I think about it inserting a zipper in the PUL fabric might have been a pain so maybe it worked out for the best.

The only tricky part about sewing with this fabric is that it’s underside can be a little sticky when you are sewing with this side down on your throat plate.  As I mentioned in my last post regular copy paper can fix this.  Just lay it down on the throat plate and sew your seam.  Then you can just rip it off after you are finished.  I used my Teflon foot here which is another alternative.

I used a pretty pink thin cord for the shoulder “straps”.  It is really more of a decorative cord rather than a utilitarian one but as it has a shiny pink satin look it gives a nice finishing touch.  I will probably have to replace it with something stronger at a later date.

Now back to the hammer.  I placed grommets in the bottom corners to help make the draw string bag that I made into a backpack.  It is a straight forward process and I just used the instructions on the package that the grommets came it to put them on the bag.

 Due to the water resistance of the PUL fabric this bag is perfect for tossing in a wet swim suit after lessons.  The zippered pocket is also a great place to stash your goggles.  This is a really quick project and makes for a cute and practical bag!

2 thoughts on “Sewing for Swimming-Part II – Sewing with a Hammer

  1. Again, you are too clever. Also, I think I need to get to know my sewing machine better. I didn’t even know my sewing machine had a throat plate! Maybe I’ll figure that out when I buy an American sewing machine. My German one will be up for sale soon.

  2. what a great idea. i have a bunch of this PUL fabric lying around from when i thought i might try making diaper covers but never got around to.

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