Framing Memories

Last November my family and I rode the train from Stuttgart to Paris. Even though I had been to Paris years before for a postgraduation celebratory trip, I was seeing it again for the first time through the eyes of my husband and son.  Paris is magical the first, second and hopefully third time around. One of the highlights for me was wandering around Montmartre. On my first trip to Paris I stopped at Place du Tertre (artists’ square) and had my portrait done by one of the artists. I gave the portrait to my dad.

This time around our family didn’t stop for a portrait, but we were hounded by a street performer (I’m calling him that because it is more fitting than artist). He followed us for a short time, cutting a piece of paper with scissors as he walked. He finished his little project, “your son. You want this of your son. Twenty euro.” He had cut out a silhouette of Joshua. Jeromy haggled with him because €20 is too steep for a piece of paper. We bit for €10.  On closer inspection, it really didn’t look like Joshua. There were probably 15 other families wandering Montmartre that day with the same cutout! But, I’m glad we have it because it will always remind me of my son’s first trip to Paris. I finally got around to framing it last week.

First I picked up the frame at IKEA, then I headed to the craft shop for a piece of scrapbooking paper. I took the mat out of the frame and traced it on the paper so I could cut it the right size. Then I glued the silhouette to the scrapbook paper and put it all together. And, voilà!

It’s better than any souvenir I picked up in France and it cost about €20 plus $.50 for the paper. C’est magnifique! Have any of you had interesting encounters with street artists? I wonder how many Americans have caricatures of themselves hanging at home?

5 thoughts on “Framing Memories

  1. That’s funny. I can’t picture someone running after you scissors in hand! No pressure or anything Im just cutting out this tiny little portrait of your kid! Um…but that was funny when you said it didn’t look like him. I guess they think we’ll by anything we can say we bought “in Paris”. I love what you did with it. It’s a great keepsake with a funny story and all!!

    • All I can say is at least we didn’t get roped into a ridiculous caricature drawing. The first time I was in Paris, when I was much younger, I got harassed to “model” for a portrait, which was really a caricature. I saved my money for a real portrait from a real artist at Place de Tertre. It hangs in my parents house and it actually looks like me when I was 22. Paris is always good for an interesting story or adventure.

  2. Hey sweetheart, I don’t remember it being 10 euro, maybe 4 euro and, don’t you see the level of detail in that cutout? Pure artisanship! I got us a great deal! Anyways, nice post.

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