Eggs in Time for Easter

Recently I dyed eggs with my kids.  We didn’t get around to doing this last year so I had a few new things that I wanted to try that I had filed away.  One idea I had just seen a few months ago and the other idea was from a couple of years ago.  First, for the new idea which I think I saw on Pinterest.

You use a whisk as a holder for the egg while dying it.  I tried out several different sizes of whisks and they all seemed to work fine.  It is fairly self explanatory, but I took the photos above for fun. You just put the egg in point side down and it holds the egg there safely while you dunk it in the dye mixture. You kind of have to squeeze the whisk flat to set it inside and then just gently let the sides go.  I love ideas like this!  It makes dying the eggs with kids so much easier!

The other idea that I wanted to try was to use Neon food coloring to dye the eggs.  This  isn’t anything new.  But it was new to me.  The last time that we dyed Easter eggs my son had commented that he wanted brighter colors.  This was really hard to achieve with the store bought tablets or regular food coloring.  But with the Neon food coloring the colors are really vibrant!  There was even a chart on the side of the box of the Neon food coloring to tell you how to get some interesting colors like Apple Green which we tried of course.  All in all I was happy with this new to me supply that helped make oureggs so bright and colorful!

Lastly, I thought since Easter is just around the corner that I would share some special eggs that I think are just beautiful.  When we lived in Germany last year our land lady’s housekeeper made us these beautiful eggs.  She said it took her something like 5 or 6 hours per egg!  As she didn’t speak any English and my German was fairly bad I wasn’t able to ask many questions about the process.  I was blown away by such a lovely handmade gift! Aren’t these amazing?!

The possiblities for egg dying are endless.  This year we kept it simple with the Neon colors, but how about you? Have you tried a new egg dying technique this year or have a favorite from years past?  Please share!

One thought on “Eggs in Time for Easter

  1. Our family isn’t into the egg dying tradition, but now I think I’d like to give it a try. I think the whisk tip is clever. You said you tried it with several different size whisks. How many kitchen gadgets do you have, girl? Also, your German neighbor’s beaded eggs are awesome. The only handmade Easter craft I remember from when I was a kid is the basket I used to have. It was huge and the shape of an egg. I think we made it by wrapping string around an extra large inflated balloon. I think the string was then covered with some glue or hardening solution. Once it set up, you could pop the balloon and your basket was done. I wonder if my mom still has the basket?

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