Bobbin Along – A Sewing Tip

Many times when I am sewing along on a project I’ll be half way through sewing a seam and “clunk, clunk, clunk”  I hear my bobbin making that familiar noise that says the bobbin is almost out of thread.  Ugh, this has to be one of my most common sewing frustrations.

The thing is my sewing machine even has a special little see through window seen in the picture above. Although this is supposed to be helpful it is only helpful if you take the time to look before or after you sew because while you are sewing this clear window is of little help. See what I mean? Now you see me now you don’t!  This can be very frustrating.  Well it was until I found this tip which I came across while reading some old sewing magazines.  First you need your thread and a water-soluble marking pen.Then you take the marking pen and run in across the thread marking your thread a blue color or making it a darker color if you have colored thread.  You mark it for at least 10-12 inches to be most helpful, but you could get by with doing less. I guess you really have to be the judge on how much warning you want when sewing. 

Then wind your thread around your bobbin as usual with the marked thread being the first to be wrapped around the bobbin.   Then get started on your project and sew away.  As your bobbin begins to run out of thread you will start to see the thread you marked coming out of the machine into your stitching.

Now you have a built-in warning signaling you that it is time to change your bobbin! The downside is that it may take a little longer to wind your bobbin as you have to mark it with the pen first, but I think that this extra bit of time spent on the front end will save you frustration on the other end!  Admittedly, I almost always forget to do this myself!  But when I do remember I’m always glad I did!

One thought on “Bobbin Along – A Sewing Tip

  1. This is an excellent tip! I’m new to sewing and haven’t come across the problem yet, but I have wondered if the bobbin is running out of thread. Please share more tips when you think about it. I need the help.

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