Cake Pops

My daughter has been asking me to make Cake Pops for quite a while.  I always thought that we would need a special pan and so I kept putting it off thinking that I really didn’t need one more pan – especially one that only serves a single purpose. I like my pans to multi-task!  So when I saw this recipe for Cake Pops that did not require a pan I decided it was time to give this a try!  The recipe did call for a special cookie cutter but I already had this on hand.  I used the recipe here. Have you ever read the comments below some of these projects?  They can be really funny sometimes and really eye-opening!  As I read through some of the comments some people had had great success and others no success.

I decided though that while time-consuming it seemed doable and worth a try.  All in all they turned out well but they were very rich.  I think this is true of most cake-pops, but I didn’t know that until after this project. The only thing I would do different next time would be to just buy the cake instead of making it yourself.  A store bought cake makes sense here as you are just going to crumble it up anyway.  Plus, it will save you lots of time and effort.  That way all you have to do is make the icing and mix the two together.  I would probably only use a tablespoon or two of the icing next time and hopefully that would make for a less rich cake pop!

One thought on “Cake Pops

  1. That looks yummy, Mary Claire! It seems like this would be a good project to do with kids and a fun treat for birthdays. A recent issue of Better Homes and Gardens featured a special appliance for baking cake pops, $25! Glad to see you did it without spending the dough! Ha! Maybe I’ll try this for Josh’s upcoming birthday.

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