A knit dress and skirt

I recently purchased Burda pattern 3026 to sew a dress for my daughter.  I had this knit fabric print from Patty Young for Michael Miller.  I purchased this from the Whipstitch brick and mortar location, in downtown Atlanta, just before I moved from the area over a year and a half ago.  I hadn’t found the right pattern for this fabric until I found this pattern. The material this pattern calls for include both regular cotton and jersey.

I am happy with the results.  The only problem was with the neck area.  I think it is because of the way I finished the edges.  I would probably need to re-draft the pattern in this area slightly to accommodate the knit edge finishing.  Also I cut 2 separate pieces for the back and sewed them together as the pattern tells you to do.  I had forgotten that I wouldn’t need to do this since I was sewing with the jersey fabric.  I only needed to cut one on the fold as the stretch would enable you to pull the dress over your head eliminating the need for any kind of closure.

There was enough fabric left over for me to make this pattern from The Long Thread.  The great thing about this skirt is the fact that it has built-in shorts.  This is great as any time my daughter wants to wear a dress to preschool we have to make sure she wear bloomers underneath and with this skirt she’s already ready to go!  The pattern is for child’s size 6.  I had to adjust the measurement a little to make it closer to a size 4.  I still need to hem it and I will probably have to take off at least an inch.  Next time I also need to pay more attention to pattern matching the fabric on the panel with the fabric on the skirt piece.  I still think it is a fun skirt and one she will be able to fit in for a while.    The best part is that my daughter seems to like it a lot.

One thought on “A knit dress and skirt

  1. I think this is so cute and I’m impressed that you can sew clothes. I can’t imagine attempting to do that. I’m certain I don’t have the patience. Way to go Mary Claire!

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