New Life

At Christmas my mom went through some old things she had in boxes of my grandmother’s.  There were cloth napkins, handkerchiefs, doilies and all kinds of things of this sort.  It was a treasure trove for me.  One of the items was a large doily.  I had never seen one like this before!  It almost looked like it had been crocheted.  I immediately saw its potential.  I gathered a few supplies and before you know it I had a brand new necklace!  I think it might look better off than on though but we’ll see!

4 thoughts on “New Life

  1. I enjoyed sharing Mother’s treasures with you
    Mary Claire because I know how much you loved her. She would be delighted that you are putting her cherished items to use in unique ways.
    You are very creative! I am excited about the blog you and Jennifer have designed. I plan to share it with some friends so you may get comments from some old “wrens”(birds) from
    time to time

  2. What a great idea this blog is. I love to see old things reused. I think the necklace is lovely and would be very pretty worn on something with a dark background. Thanks for including me in your creative adventure. Susie

  3. Hi Mary. I love your necklace. It looks like something I might make. I love to make different crafts. Recycle, reuse, re-purpose…I have many fond memories of your grandmother from when I was a child. She was quite the seamstress! It’s nice to see you are, too.
    your cousin, Meredith

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