Hello from Remember Wren

We are two friends, Mary Claire and Jennifer, who share a love of crafts and design. We met in Stuttgart, Germany when our sons were in the same first grade class at school. We quickly hit it off and learned we had lots in common. Mary Claire moved back to the U.S. in 2011 and we knew we’d keep in touch. A blog seemed to be a great way for us to share our craft and decorating projects with each other.

It took us a while, months really, to come up with a blog name. We liked the sound of Remember Wren, but we weren’t sure how it really related to us and our blog. Then the more we thought about it, the more it made sense. We have learned our craft and design skills from someone, maybe our mothers or grandmothers and we remember them when we work on our projects. We remember how much fun we had being creative when we were kids and we want to have that creativity in our lives every day. With wren we honor our friendship. The Carolina Wren is the state bird of South Carolina, a place we are both connected to.

With Remember Wren we hope to share our projects with each other and you. We are grateful for all the craftspeople who came before us and we want to give their work and ideas a new and modern spin. We plan to be honest and show our mistakes and just plain bad ideas so hopefully we can all learn from them. Most of all, we just wanna have fun! We hope you enjoy our blog.

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